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The material available on this website is intended for information purposes only and under no circumstance is intended to directly or indirectly bring about any transaction between any visitor to the site and Velocity Classic Auto Fund SICAV plc (the “Company”).
The information contained herein does not constitute a distribution, an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities in any jurisdiction in which such distribution or offer is not authorised to any person. Nothing presented on this site shall be construed as investment advice or recommendations. Products and services described may not be available in all jurisdictions. Investments can go up as well as down and involve the risk of partial or total loss. Any past performance will not necessarily be repeated in the future. The use and access of pages of this website is subject to the information below. Visitors are also kindly requested to read the Disclaimers set out in this website.

The Company is not available for investment by the general public and is only available for investors who satisfy the applicable qualifying criteria set out in the Offering Documents. It is important that you do not rely upon the content of this website for investment decisions. Visitors considering investing in the securities issued by the Company should seek professional investment and legal advice as regards both Maltese and any foreign legislation applicable to the acquisition, holding and disposal of any securities issued by the Company as well as distributions, if any, made by the Company prior to a subscription. The Company’s Offering Document and Supplements thereto are important and should be read in their entirety, before any person decides whether to invest in any relating securities. Any decision by a prospective investor to buy any securities issued by the Company must be made on the basis of the information and terms contained in the Offering Documents. Investors must meet certain qualifications to be eligible to subscribe the securities issued by the Company.

The Company is licensed and regulated by the Maltese Financial Services Authority (MFSA) as a non- Retail Collective Investment Scheme targeting professional investors (PIF – Professional Investor Fund), accordingly the protection normally arising as a result of the MFSA’s investment and borrowing restrictions and other requirements for retail schemes do not apply. Investors in PIF’s are not protected by any statutory compensation arrangements in the event of the Company’s failure.

The Company is not authorised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) for distribution of non-qualified investors in Switzerland and may only be invested by qualified investors in the sense of Swiss Law, namely, the Swiss Ordinance on Collective Investment Schemes and the Federal Act on Collective Investment Schemes.


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